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February 04, 2013

All is quiet at Stock Show police, fire stations

The mild weather has helped boost Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo attendance, but police and firefighters say the big crowds haven't translated into more problems.

A Fort Worth police officer sitting quietly at a security command post Monday morning said officers have responded to the usual calls - a lost wallet, a wandering child - but have seen nothing out of the ordinary.

"All is quiet on the home front," said Officer Scott, who declined to give his first name. "Not much to report."

Police don't reveal how many officers work at the stock show for security reasons, he said. Part of their time is spent minding the show's lost and found, where car keys, sunglasses and even some money have been turned in.

Nearby, Fort Worth firefighters staff a temporary fire station, responding to roughly six to eight calls a day, fire Lt. Heath Turner said. Those calls have included treating people with breathing problems, fall injuries and helping people who get locked out of their cars or trucks.

"Every now and then you get a trash fire or a horse trailer with a small fire," he said. "But it's mostly quiet."

--Alex Branch


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