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February 06, 2013

Can you guess how much manure is generated at the Fort Worth Stock Show? Tons.

So what happens to all the er, animal droppings, left at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo?

It all gets sent for composting.

The Stock Show three years ago set up an extensive recycling and composting program. A nose-holding 1,905 tons of animal bedding and manure was generated last year. That's 3.8 million pounds of the stuff, said Matt Brockman, administrative manager for the stock show.

The bedding (cattle use straw or wood shavings; hogs and other animals use shavings) is separated from other waste. It is put in blue metal, wheeled containers inside the barns called gondolas. They hold about 300 gallons. Forklifts pick them up and take them to 30 yard roll off Dumpsters, which are hauled by trash vendor Progressive Waste Solutions to a landfill on the south side of Fort Worth, Brockman said.

"They take animal bedding an manure and blend it with city yard waste for compost," he said. "It runs 24-7. They pull them day and night."

--Jessamy Brown



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