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February 05, 2013

Stock Show worker keeps Cattle Barn clean

George Collins is constantly facing an uphill battle in Cattle Barn 4. Three times during the Fort Worth Stock Show, he and another man must completely clean out the barn and get it ready for another round of cattle. Before the steers started arriving at the crack of dawn Tuesday, he spent all day Monday getting ready. "We did it in 8 hours this time," Collins said. "Sometimes it takes as long as 10 hours but we were pretty fast this time." While Tuesday was the hectic move-in day for steers, Collins, who works as a landscaper the rest if the year, said it was relatively calm for him. He was sweeping away manure and stray bits of hay but said it was nothing compared to Monday. "This is an easy day for us," he said. "We just welcome everybody and help them get settled. It's like a reunion for us. We see so many of the same people each year."

-- Bill Hanna

Stock Show worker keeps Cattle Barn clean


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