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February 04, 2013

With nice weather comes sandals, straw hats

 On Feb. 4, 2011, as a blanket of ice and snow covered Tarrant County, the low temperture was 19 degrees (with a high of 29).

That's what locals call “Stock Show weather.”

On Monday, with temperatures holding steady in the mid-60s, it was another near-perfect day for those attending the Fort Worth Stock Show.

Heading into the final week of the 23-day show, the weather has been decidedly "non-Stock Show."

It’s been so nice that jeans are being put aside for shorts. Felt hats are giving way to straw.

In some instances, boots are being replaced with sandals.

And in typical Stock Show fashion, some of those sandals come with spurs. – Lee Williams


Photo by Bob Booth -- Special to the Star-Telegram


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