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January 24, 2014

Even the stars work

Arrden and Callder Griffith brush feverishly at the coat of Tonto, a 12-year-old tri-color paint horse that's one of 14 the boys use in their dad's trick riding act.
Nearby, Demi Trepanier, 11, another Tad Griffith Trick Riding group star, dries one horse after another as they come out of the wash. Along with Tad Griffith's other two sons, Garrison, 5, and Gattlin, 15, and Maddie McDonald, 21, the kids provide seven to eight of the most heart-pounding minutes in each Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo from now to Feb. 8.
And when they aren't riding, they're taking care of the horses, Tad Griffith said. -- Terry Evans

Trickriders 1

Arrden Griffith, 10, left, and Callder Griffith, 12, brush down Tonto, a 12-year-old tri-color paint horse that's one of 14 used in the Tad Griffith Trick Riding act at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Photo by Terry Evans



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