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January 18, 2014

The stall game

Six people solved the world’s problems Friday seated in a stall at the head of a string of dairy cows in Cattle Barn 2.
“This is a ritual thing,” said Ann Smith, 72, who brought a half-dozen Jerseys from her RRS Farms in Royse City to the Stock Show.
Smith was jawing with her friends Mozelle Wilson and Cynthia Harris as her husband, Bobby Smith, jawed with his buds Dewayne Wilson and Jimmy Harris.
Coming to Fort Worth is the Smiths’ vacation from Royse City. Their friends join them just to spend time together.
The stall where they relaxed was decorated with a red carpet, a red-and-white barn door backdrop and old-style red lanterns (converted to battery-powered lights).
A red toolbox almost as big as a freezer sported an American flag.
Ann Smith said she’s done more elaborate stall decorations in the past 30 years of showing cattle.
“There’s a sense of pride in decorating a stall to sit in,” she said.
But these days, the company she keeps is more important than the accommodations. — Terry Evans

Cynthia Harris, left, Dewayne Wilson, Bobby Smith, Jimmy Harris, Ann Smith and Mozelle Wilson solve the world's problems in a Cattle Barn 2 stall at the Fort Worth Stock Show. Photo by Terry Evans

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