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February 04, 2014

Everything for the show

Sullivan Supply sent 17-year-old Tim Mardeson from Iowa City, Iowa, to the Fort Worth Stock Show to sell stuff like Tail Adhesive to folks showing cattle here.
“It’s like women’s hair spray, only a lot tougher,” Mardeson said. “It’s to hold hair together wherever you want it, like on the backs of a steer’s legs. It makes the leg look fuller, like the bones are bigger and the joints smaller. That’s what judges look for.”
Of course, after clumping your steer’s hair together with the glue-like substance in Tail Adhesive before the judging, you’ve got to get it out with something once the judging’s done.
For that, Sullivan has Hocus Pocus and Hair Savior – oil-based and soybean-based products, respectively.
The 14-by-10-foot booth carries all manner of products and tools that people need to care for their animals and get them ready to show, Mardeson said. The Junior Livestock Show this week takes sales to a new level.
“Thursday will be our busiest day,” he said. – Terry Evans

Tailspray 1

Tim Mardeson, 17, of Iowa City, Iowa, shows customers the cattle hair care products at Sullivan Supply. Photo by Terry Evans


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