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February 07, 2014

No accounting for judge's decision

It isn’t uncommon for steers to break away from their handlers while being shown in the Watt Arena at the Fort Worth Stock Show. In fact, it happens a lot.
But Friday, in one of the early classes of middleweight European cross, a steer turned unexpectedly and with enough force to knock the girl handing it to the dirt, and knock the wind out of her.
Cattle superintendents Charlie Geren and Warren Mayberry charged to the rescue. State Rep. Geren helped the girl to a sideline chair.
Mayberry, an Austin lobbyist, got the steer under control. Then, seeing that the girl wasn’t able to return, showed the calf himself.
Unfortunately, the steer was sent off quickly, leaving Mayberry to ponder what went wrong.
“I showed in the late ’80s, Limousin steers, out of Bellaire High School FFA in Houston,” Mayberry said. “I never finished less than third. I thought surely I’d make the sale. Can you believe that judge didn’t use my steer?”
The girl, whose mom asked us not to name, walked out favoring her right arm, but didn’t require medical treatment.
Mayberry returned to his duties, which included handing out prize ribbons and helping haul in the occasional loose calf. – Terry Evans


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