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January 22, 2008

70 minutes to drive 24 miles ...

121shield Wile E. Driver had a rough drive this morning:

My effort to get to work early was destroyed by a backup on 121 South that started at the 183 split and continued until North Richland Hills. No visible wreck. I left Grapevine at 7:30 and arrived in downtown Fort Worth at 8:50. The only thing good about this morning's drive was a yellow VW bug wearing black mouse ears and a tail.Wil2

Hey Wile E.: Did it look like this? I found this pic at www.angelsil.com/blog/maz14.jpg



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Wile E. Coyote

Yep, that's it, or one just like it anyway.


Yes, we saw that line of traffic as we whizzed by on the TRE.

Gordon Dickson

Ahh, but you missed seeing the Truly Nolen bug ! ;-)

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