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January 28, 2008

Transportation changes in Austin

Guv Perry has declared that Texas Transportation Commission member Hope Andrade of San Antonio will be temporary chairwoman, replacing the late Ric Williamson of Weatherford. Hope has been on the commission since '03. Read more at the Star-Telegram's political blog.

She'll preside over the commission's next monthly meeting Thursday in Victoria. It'll be the first meeting since the loss of Williamson, Perry's close friend who died of a heart attack in late December.

Quorum Report predicts that former Perry chief of staff Deirdre Delisi may be named Williamson's successor, and possibly next chair.

If that came to pass, it'd be the first time in a long time that the commission hasn't had at least one member from North Texas.

The commission oversees the Texas Department of Transportation, and under Perry has dramatically expanded the use of alternative financing, debt and tolls to pay for roads.


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Garl Boyd Latham

There are no real "changes" here! Our "Department of Transportation" remains nothing but a highway department operating under a different name.

Part of me wishes I could just sleep until the nightmare was over! Unfortunately, that wouldn't help; rather, it would simply give Mr. Perry and his cronies the opportunity they've always wanted: the ability to remake Texas' transportation future in their own image.

So...it's my sincere hope that NONE of us go to sleep! Let's remain alert to the constant threat presented by unbridled auto-centrism.

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