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March 28, 2008

Is the Trans-Texas Corridor still viable?

Ttc Check out this story.


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There are some fiery comments over in the ST blog. Folks opinions about this confuse me. What can be wrong with state leaders thinking outside the box to infuse billions of new transportation dollars into the state without raising taxes.


You made similar crazy remarks over on the blog. Open your ears to what people are trying to tell you. This gigantic monster is not about relieving congestion, it is about making money for politicians (campaign contributions, side land deals, etc.), their buddies and big business. If it was about financing construction of a road to relieve congestion, bring it on. I have no problem with that. But these are everlasting tolls to fleece the citizens of Texas. You're okay with that?


Better everlasting tolls than everlasting taxes. What's more fair than charging those who use the road a fee to drive. Raising taxes on everyone to benefit the out of state (and country) truckers who are already on our roads is a real fleece of Texas citizens.


What's more fair? Allow me to introduce you to the fuel tax. The tax at the state level here in Texas has been around since the 20's, the federal one since the 30's. Why? Because it has always been the fairest way to pay for our roads.

How many of the out of state (and country) truckers that you mention make it through Texas without having to stop for gas? I really don't have a clue. But the way you and many others blame them for all of our ills, surely you must have some facts that show the vast numbers that are sneaking through our tiny state without stopping for so much as one gallon of gas.

Instead of taking a closer look at how we spend what we are currently collecting (while remembering that the fine folks in Austin have seen fit to not raise the tax here in Texas since 1991 because of attitudes like yours) and making sure it all goes back into our roads, they siphon off funds for other uses and tell us there is no more money to pay for anything, so TOLL EVERYTHING! I for one do not buy it.

We have no one to blame for our current situation than ourselves (certainly not "out of country" truckers) and we can fix it. But not by selling our infrastructure to foreign companies, putting unaccountable double tax tolls (if one penny of my gas taxes goes in to the purchase of right of way or construction of a road that you then toll, which invariably happens, then it is a double tax) on all new roads and stealing the land of Texas citizens.

Michael H

Rick, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. I just made some very similar comments in Gordon's mention of the "tax buffet" article about regional rail. To me, it is insane to allow a company in a foreign country--even a friendly one--to control access to something that will be such a key asset.

You gotta learn to live on what ya make. We haven't been, and now it's time to pay the piper. TxDOT's out of money?
- Turn some of those state roads over to the cities that have engulfed the entire route (they did it with a tiny road in Grapevine in 2006).
- Change the bid proposals to force companies to develop better, longer-lasting pavement materials that don't require as much maintenance (by requiring a maintenance guarantee, etc.) If you create a market for the material, someone will build it and sell it to you.
- And then raise the gas tax to pay for the rest, because the more gas you use, the more roads you're using, and the more you should pay to maintain and expand those roads.

Use (consumption) taxes are fair. Almost all other forms of taxation aren't. Regarding tolls versus the gas tax, I agree with Rick: don't double-tax me by using my taxes to build the road and then charge me to use that same road. Use my gas taxes to fix my roads like you promised me. Then I *might* think about re-electing you.

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