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March 20, 2008

Road trip to a home game

OK, this has little to do with transportation, but next year I'm gonna make a point to attend a UT-Arlington basketball game.Uta Check out where this team plays: Texas Hall -- a theater!!!!! -- on the campus.

If I do go to the game, I'll take 377, 820 and I-30. There. That's a transportation angle.

S-T photo: Darrell Byers


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A few years ago I went to a game there to see my SFA Lumberjacks take on the Mavericks in that stage-ium-rena during the Southland Conference Tournament's early rounds. SFA won and I, along with about 25 other rabid SFA alums, rushed the stage floor and danced on the hardwood. Kind of fun, really, considering we had an audience sitting in plush carpeted theater seats on one side and angry fans sitting in wooden bleachers on the other. Besides the Lumberjack victory, the best thing about that visit was the nachos.

Gordon Dickson

What made the nachos so memorable? Now I'm even more curious about the place ...


I do remember that Sports Illustrated named it one of the best places to watch a basketball game back in the late 90's. I went to a few games when I was a student and really enjoyed it, different from any other arena I've been to. It really is a one-of-a-kind place. You'll enjoy it!


The cheese overwhelmed the nachos to the point that the chips became soggy and I had to get a fork. I love that cheese sauce. Add the jalapenos to the mix and you're in heaven.

Gordon Dickson

I read in my paper's sports section today that UTA is working on replacing the stadium/arena/theater. Guess I better get over there during the 08-09 season if I ever wanna see a game there.

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