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March 21, 2008

Stuck in the middle of an intersection ...

Redlight From Kimberly Norton of FW:
Red light Cameras I was driving through an intersection when the car in front of me stopped for no apparent reason.  Right before the light turned red the car sped off which left me stuck in the middle of an intersection with a red light.  Fortunately there was no photo enforced cameras there. But, what if there had been a camera there?  The photos don't tell the whole story.  It would be better if they had video cameras that only kept portions of the video when there was a violation.


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Here is an excellent red light camera story from MSN.com



You make a very good point. If it happened, you could argue that the photo only takes a split second shot and therefore it's unfair.

Abdul piracha

I live ON ederville lane on the edge of i-30 for last 8 years . The intersection of 1-30 west and cooks lane is dangerous and i have seen several accidents. I myself was victoms of one accident this year also. It is requested that traffic light should be upgraded to left on arrow only instead of yeild on green.

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