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April 29, 2008

Crumbling roads could doom America's future

Uli The U.S. will lose its global competitive edge unless the nation's roads, bridges and the rest of the transportation grid receive a major infusion of cash, a report released today warns.
Read the Urban Land Institute press release HERE.
Or, read the full report HERE. (68 pages)

As if the news about rising gas prices didn't depress you enough ...


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Garl Boyd Latham

As a friend of mine liked to say:

"Too bad; so sad!"

Unless we first create and enact a comprehensive national transportation policy, I do NOT support spending ONE DIME of pubic money on infrastructure, apart from basic, safety related maintenance.

It is FAR too late to begin worrying about our future, unless that concern is accompanied by realistic, immediate ACTION!

Otherwise, I couldn't care less about our blessed economy. As Ricky Ricardo once opined, "You have fixed the sheets and blankets, now go take a nap!"


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