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April 29, 2008

Does police radar make highways safer?

121shield Texas_183 This morning on eastbound 121/183 in Hurst, I was surprised at how well traffic was moving. Airport Freeway was packed, yet everyone was moving at about the same 60 mph. Compared to a typical morning mash-up, it was a true driving pleasure. I realized why things were going so well as I approached Brown Trail, where a police car was parked on the left shoulder. The officer wasn't attempting to hide, and appeared to be parked there just to ensure everyone behaved.Policeradar
Makes me wonder if the cities around here ought to pool their money and focus on patrolling during rush hour. Seems that'd be a more efficient way of improving gridlock, maximizing the space on freeways, reducing air pollution, etc. And, even if the officers were paid double-time for their efforts, it'd be a heckuva a lot cheaper than building new lanes.

Gridlock and accidents happen when people who want to drive 75 are forced to share space with people who want to drive 60. In the absence of a police presence, these drivers collide -- or nearly collide -- causing a sea of brake lights. And for the rest of the morning everyone is forced to drive 30. A stronger police presence -- not to hassle people, but as a deterrent -- could fix this problem.


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"Gridlock and accidents happen when people who want to drive 75 are forced to share space with people who want to drive 60."

I don't agree here. Accidents happen from careless driving.

To fast, To slow, or any combination of the two while failing to obey the laws.

People, if you are in the fast lane (that is the one all the way to the left) and you are holding up traffic to make your silly point, move. Yield like the law says.

If you are that guy who wants to drive fast don't swerve in and out of traffic like a madman. Drive within the confines of the speed limit and rely on passing on the left.

Both previous statements are contingent on people actually doing what they are suppose to do. Which they won't regardless of how many patrol cars are on the road.

If they did we wouldn't need the patrol cars nor would those same patrol cars write tickets in such abundance.

Learn to yield, learn the speed limit, learn how to do a four way stop...Just saying people.

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