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June 30, 2008

820 -- Will it ever get better?

I820 The effort to expand the four-lane freeway in Northeast Tarrant County encounters more problems.


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You gotta be kidding me. Leave it to our legislature to make such a retarded law that protects its cronies at the NTTA but gives us taxpayers the shaft, again. The state needs to get out of the way and let local governments get this done.

C. Hodge

I attended the public hearing for the expansion of NE Loop 820 in Tarrant County. I did not speak at the meeting but wanted to leave my comments. I support expansion of NE Loop 820. It is long overdue. However, I do not think the people in this area should have to put up with toll roads.

It makes no sense that this is the only part of Tarrant County facing tolls. I also think it is unfair that only Texas residence would pay the tolls and not anyone from out of state passing through. Why should they get the free ride and we are double taxed for it? Once on our city taxes and again in tolls.

It will become such a hardship on the people who live in this area to have to put up with the tolls that will be forced on us, not only from the expansion of NE Loop 820, but also the proposed toll roads that may be built later along I35W, as well. Not to mention how the access lanes on and off the different free and toll lanes will create confusion and chaos.

I believe Texas has a surplus and that that surplus should go to expand NE Loop 820 without the need for toll roads. I understand there will still be free lanes, but I don't think having both free and toll lanes in the area will provide us with the best easy on and off access that we have, now. I want to expand our road, but without toll roads.

If a road has to be tolled, better it be I35 only since it is a road shared from Mexico through Canada. But NE Loop 820 is mostly driven by local residense and should remain free. See how all of this might possibly deter people from coming to our area, instead of inviting them to come?

C. Human

What ALL opponents do not understand is the definition you keep bringing up is TOLL road... If you were to come to more than one meeting, you understand that it is not a TOLL road in the works it is what is called a dual managed road where MOST of the highway (up to 6 lanes each direction) will be free access. However, there will be toll lanes that must be added (up to 4 lanes in each direction).

You ask, "why even have the need for partial managed lanes?"


There is a budget shortfall for what the state provides, what the national kicks in, and what we as a county (area) provides. This budget shortfall from the figures that I have seen is in the 100's of millions of dollars!!! (And I think that is just for this segment of construction)

It would be nice to say lets just move money around and not use it here and use it there and find that money... but its politics you can't do that easily.

So we have to go out and get bids from 'lenders' to post the money that we don't have and to guarantee them their money back there has to be partial managed roads. It is just business.

Also trumping all other things there is a "moratorium for construction of non-toll roads" across all the state. That is why the new roads being built will be 100% toll...i.e. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY PART OF TX - LET ALONE TARRANT facing tolls...Southwest Parkway, 121N Toll, 161. Because 820 is an existing road, IT WILL NOT BE A TOLL!

Again, managed lanes (partial tolls) are a necessity to build/update ANY Interstate Highway, any freeway State Highway, and basically any road with more than one lane each way that is not a boulevard, lane, street, road, avenue which contains stops.

A bigger deterrance to this area is keeping up the 1940 highway system and continuing to rise from 5th to 1st with most congestion!

Lets get this project started, so we can get it completed!

For more information then you will need search 'North Tarrant Express' at www.txdot.gov

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