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July 28, 2008

The long and short of commuting

Dicksonagee Sometimes it pays to take the road less-traveled, not only because it's enlightening, but also 'cause it's a heckuva lot quicker than the clogged highways. CHECK OUT THIS PIECE.

Then watch this video of me 'n reporter Mark Agee conducting a test to see which commuting route is quicker ...


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Former TWU Commuter

Who got better gas mileage?

Gordon Dickson

We talked about comparing mileage but ultimately decided it wouldn't be useful info because we were driving different cars. We thought about filling our tanks before the experiment, then filling them immediately afterward and calculating the result. I think to measure the mileage you'd need to drive both routes in the same car, which would be an interesting study, too. But you'd have to do in on consecutive days.

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