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August 20, 2008

Pix from today's rain-soaked Dallas Cowboys practice

The Dallas Cowboys held their first open practice in 17 years, and 15,000 any-weather fans braved a 45-minute downpour to cheer their team and get autographs from legendary players. Read the story. Here are some snapshots from my cellphone:

Cowboyspractice1_3 Cowboys executive Stephen Jones signs autographs.

Cowboyspractice2_3 Hall of Famer Bob Lilly signs autographs in a downpour.

Cowboyspractice3_2 A fan from Mineral Wells shows his love for the team.

Cowboyspractice4_3 Defensive lineman Marcus Smith comes out of the tunnel.

Cowboyspractice5_2 Linebacker DeMarcus Ware emerges from the tunnel.

Cowboyspractice6_3 The Dallas Cowboys begin an open practice Aug. 20, 2008.


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Interesting story and photos. Just curious: Why the Traffic blog?
It sounds like they've doubled up your workload now with Sports desk assignments(?) following the layoffs. I hope you get some sort of compensation if that's the case.

Gordon in Fort Worth

Hi Jamie: I just put them on the blog for the heck of it. No extra compensation, but I did get to meet Too Tall Jones. When I was a kid, that dude seemed bigger than life ...

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