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August 27, 2008

Still waiting on the Grapevine Funnel

The cost of rebuilding Texas 114/121 in Grapevine is skyrocketing.


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"One state transportation official said last week that the estimated project cost had exceeded $1 billion. But afterward, other officials declined to elaborate, saying they were in the middle of a confidential..."

Boy I bet he's getting his b**t chewed out for that. Makes you wonder though: $1,000,000,000 to essentially fix a poorly designed highway interchange. This could probably buy 100 miles worth of commuter rail lines or a countless number transit buses. With gas prices creeping up again and the economy slowing down, I think they should wait and see for a few years. Why the rush? "No Build" may indeed be the best option.


Fix 183 and 820 first! This project should not a be a higher priority than 183 and 820.


I disagree to a point. I drive through the DFW Connector (Grapevine Funnel) just about every day and it needs to be fixed. If anything at least build a direct connector from 114 east to 121 south and vice versa. It takes a good 30 minutes to get through the William D. Tate intersections because a direct connector was never built! If that is the only thing built and they do nothing, then i'll be happy. I can take back roads for the other stuff.

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