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September 24, 2008

How many people are riding the Arlington buses?

I stopped by the park-and-ride lot at Lamar and Cooper, and there were 10 cars. That's an average of 3.3 riders for each of the three buses that depart for Fort Worth each morning (assuming each car has only one occupant).
I didn't have a chance to go by the other Arlington park-and-ride at Park Springs and I-20. Anyone know how that one is doing?
Arlpark2_2 Arlpark1


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I live across the highway from the station and it is packed every morning. I have not seen a bus pick up yet but I assume that the buses are pretty full by the amount of cars in the lot.

Gordon Dickson

Cool. Thanks. Some of those cars may belong to people who ride in carpools and vanpools.

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