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October 24, 2008

Americans driving less despite lower gas prices

Peters DALLAS — Americans are still driving less, despite falling gas prices, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said. Drivers logged 15 billion fewer miles in the U.S. during August, a 5.6 percent decrease compared to the same month a year earlier, Peters said Friday during a brief tour of a Dallas Area Rapid Transit station under construction at Deep Ellum.
Peters touted her agency’s reform plan, which would relax restrictions on funding and make it easier for metro areas such as North Texas to use more federal dollars not just for highways, but for public transportation. “As Cowboys fans know, the key to any game plan is establishing a good ground game,” Peter told gatherers at a news conference on the Deep Ellum platform. “That’s exactly why we need projects like this DART expansion.” Meanwhile, use of public transit has increased 6.2 percent nationwide — and 15 percent in Texas. DART is in the midst of a massive expansion, partly paid for with a $700 million federal transit grant.
Pic: Peters greets construction workers at the DART Deep Ellum station, as chronicled by Gordon's trusty cellphone camera.


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Remember, this is the same Mary Peters who altered the Surface Transportation Commission report - after its approval - to remove a large section of language favorable to rail transit:


"The back-room editors of the Bush Administration, who apparently take their cue from Soviet-style air-brushing, are it again, and this time the target is one of the giants of the conservative movement in America.
While the media focus was on the Bush Administration’s use of Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters to denounce the bipartisan outcome of the Congressionally-mandated Surface Transportation Commission --- which she officially chaired --- the National Corridors Initiative has learned that an important pro-light-rail section of the report, written by Commission member Paul Weyrich and adopted by a 9-3 majority vote of the commission, has disappeared from the Commission’s final report..."


In Texas you are issued two license plates and you must have both on your vehicle. Sorry you don't think it looks good, but that's the law, and I wish every person who didn't display both plates or display them correctly would be issued citations.

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