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October 21, 2008

One way to spot a speedtrap

Policeradar2 The folks at speedtrap.org have updated their web site, making it easier to search your commuting route for speedtraps and potentially avoid a ticket.
Click on "find speed traps" and punch in your city and state. There are 18 listings for Arlington speedtraps alone.
Policestopbedford Note of caution: Drivers aren't always sure what city they're passing through when they see a cop runnin' radar -- and the speedtrap listing operates on the honor system -- so the system is subject to error. But a quick check of several North Texas cities indicates the info is mostly reliable.


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N TX Cop

As a police officer, I find it funny that when people get a ticket somewhere they call it a "speed trap". If you steal a cd from WalMart and get caught is that a "theft trap"? You shoot someone and get arrested was that a "murder trap"? Take responsibility people!


N Tx Cop:
WITH ALL DUE RESPECT to those cops on the line protecting the public from real criminals.

I thought cops were suppose to deter crime. Not hide behind a bush like a gutless deer hunter and shoot non suspecting deer. If speed ticket writting cops really cared about slowing down drivers they would be out in the open. But that would cut down on a very serious level of revenue production. Now wouldn't it?? So don't sit in judgement of us and smirk as you need to come to grips with your own hiprocracy

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