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November 19, 2008

Grapevine says "Go!" but Colleyville says "No!" to commuter rail

Tale of two cities with very different takes on commuter rail in Northeast Tarrant County


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Garl B. Latham


After reading the article, it seems as though residents in Grapevine stand ready to embrace the future, while the NIMBYs in Colleyville rate "quaint" over "livable."

It never ceases to amaze me.

The shot term answer, naturally, is to forgo a passenger station stop in Colleyville. By all means, however: make plans for one during the initial design phase! Once the route is up and running, locals will begin clamoring for their fair share of service - former residents of Chicago and Los Angeles notwithstanding.

Garl B. Latham
Dallas, Texas

Michael H.

Hey Colleyville!

Want me to come and spend my hard-earned dollars at the overpriced boutique stores in your "quaint" little burg? Then give me a way to get there without having to deal with your poorly-timed signal lights. Otherwise, I'll just take 121 and spend my money in Grapevine.


If the residents of Colleyville are that ignorant, then I say let's blow past that stop and move on with the project. Eliminating their station will shorten my trip to the airport by 3 to 4 minutes. The fact is, Colleyville is little more than a sprawl area "dead zone" and I'd rather spend my money in interesting places like Grapevine, Fort Worth or DFW Airport. Sure they'll want a station later, but their loss is not my problem.

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