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March 25, 2009

Arlington bus service: Is it working?

T2 Arlington-to-Fort Worth bus routes are now six months old


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Cluck also laments that no similar service is available to Arlington residents who want to travel east to jobs in the Dallas area.
That area is controlled by Dallas Area Rapid Transit, which can’t legally offer bus service in Arlington because it — and much of the rest of Tarrant County — is in the T’s jurisdiction.
Not entirely true mayor... not even a valid excuse. The bus service can operate - as it SHOULD HAVE FROM THE BEGINNING - from to North Arlington/Lamar Park and Ride to Centreport/DFW train station via FM 157 and Trinity Blvd.
This routing would never leave Tarrant County. The Centreport train station is entirely within the Fort Worth city limits. This could have provided much-needed access to vast employment centers not just in Dallas, but tens of thousands of jobs at Centreport and DFW Airport.

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