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December 24, 2009

I-20 shut down 80 miles west of Fort Worth!

Interstate20 Avoid I-20 west of Fort Worth if you can. The highway is "basically closed" west of Ranger Hill, about 80 miles west of Fort Worth. That's according to Val Lopez at the Texas Department of Transportation.

Also, in north Tarrant County TxDot maintenance crews have begun pretreating bridges and overpasses to prevent ice formation. Crews are spraying a liquid magnesium chloride to prevent icing. Later in the evening, if ice forms on the roads, the crews will spread a granular mix of sand and magnesium chloride pellets known as chat.

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In Texas you are issued two license plates and you must have both on your vehicle. Sorry you don't think it looks good, but that's the law, and I wish every person who didn't display both plates or display them correctly would be issued citations.

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