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December 29, 2009

No major icing expected on roads

Texassanta Snowfall was widespread in the Fort Worth area by 3 p.m. Tuesday. However, officials with the National Weather Service’s Fort Worth office are not predicting widespread problems with icing on the roads.

“We’re finally seeing snow moving into the immediate Metroplex, and at times producing visibiliity of a half-mile to a quarter-mile,” National Weather Service meteorologist Jennifer Dunn said about 3:30 p.m. “It’s probably been snowing a half hour and it’s just now starting to stick to grassy surfaces. Most of what we’ve heard has been that, even west of the Metroplex, it’s generally a dusting, maybe enough to cover the grass. In Stephens County, though, they did report one to two inches on grassy surfaces but some that is starting to melt.”

Dunn added that motorists should use caution, because pockets of ice could still form, particularly on bridges on the western outskirts of Dallas-Fort Worth.

“Temperatures have been falling and, seeing that changeover, there is the potential for refreeezing,” she said. “But as far as we know, the roads are fine. We are forecasting temperatures to remain at or kind of near freezing, but in outlying areas the potential for freezing is probably a little bit higher. We’re not expecting widespread issues. As snow falls, you can tell it’s melting when it hits the concrete. We may have freezing conditions for a couple of hours overnight. Just use caution. We don’t have the wind we had the other day to really knock those temperatures down.”


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