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July 27, 2010

Developer says 114 traffic will be smooth in Grapevine despite lane closure

121shield Tx114 Since my story ran in this morning's Star-Telegram about an upcoming weekend lane closure in Grapevine (actually, the story was about a lot of other things, too), I've heard from a Grapevine councilwoman, a business owner and a spokeswoman for project developer NorthGate Constructors. All of them thought my reference to the lane closure unfairly sent out a message that Grapevine would "shut down for the weekend" because businesses would be inaccessible by car.

NorthGate spokeswoman Selma Stockstill now says that, while traffic on 121 will be reduced to one lane in each direction near Mustang Drive -- and motorists on 121 can expect delays -- the closure "should cause minimal disruption" on nearby Texas 114. The closure is scheduled for 8 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Monday.

My story initially reported that the closure would be on 114/121 near Mustang Drive, but Stockstill argued that the lane closure would only be on 121, not 114/121, because the two highways don't officially merge until just west of Main Street. (For what it's worth to you, the reader, I disagree about the point of merger. From the traveling public's point of view, if you're northbound on 121, by the time you hit Mustang Drive you're already merging with 114 ... You've already been warned about merging traffic, and there's no place to escape it. Nonetheless, a clarification about the lane closure being on 121, and not 114, is scheduled to be published in tomorrow's Star-Telegram.)

If you're planning to visit Grapevine this weekend, and coming in and out of town on Texas 121, you can expect delays near Mustang Drive.

But if you're coming in and out of town on Texas 114, NorthGate says it should be smooth sailing.

-- Gordon.


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