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September 24, 2010

Last chance to win a free hybrid car

This weekend is the deadline to win a Ford Fusion hybrid as part of the Drive Clean Across Texas campaign. If you haven't entered already, getcher name in there before midnight Sunday.

The car was donated by the Dallas Cowboys. And since the 'Boys made such a nice gesture, I'll avoid making any cracks about the team needing some kind of alternative fuel for its offense. ;-)




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My local college similarly donated a Honda Civic Hybrid!

used cars

There has not been a vehicle like the Aria that has so much kit and does it all, at this price. Gone are the days of dissonant Tata utility vehicles. There is a new tune blowing through Tata Motors, and it certainly is a pleasant sounding Aria.




In Texas you are issued two license plates and you must have both on your vehicle. Sorry you don't think it looks good, but that's the law, and I wish every person who didn't display both plates or display them correctly would be issued citations.


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