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September 28, 2010

No more free parking in downtown Fort Worth (at least not this part)

For those of us who work downtown quite a bit, but not enough to shell out big bucks for a permanent parking space, finding cheap or free parking is a daily quest. And sadly, the very best deal in downtown Fort Worth appears to be coming to an end.

ParkingmetersFor several years, about a dozen cars per day have been allowed to park for free across from the First United Methodist Church on Fifth Street, on the western edge of downtown just east of Henderson St. The only hitch is that you not park before 9 a.m., to ensure that Fifth Street can accommodate morning rush hour. It's such a popular free-parking zone that normally by 9:05 a.m. each morning all 12 or so spots are accounted for.

Alas, on Monday, the city took the first steps toward installing parking meters along the curbsides. It looks like the meters will be operational by week's end. Sigh ... Anybody got change for a dollar?


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The citizens of Fort Worth lost out big time when the city failed to take action to save the Tandy Subway along with the 5,000 or so free parking spaces in 2002.

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In Texas you are issued two license plates and you must have both on your vehicle. Sorry you don't think it looks good, but that's the law, and I wish every person who didn't display both plates or display them correctly would be issued citations.

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