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October 28, 2010

Texas gets high-speed rail funds

Highspeed Texas was nudged a bit closer to eventual high-speed rail service Thursday after the federal government announced that it would make available $5.6 million to plan a high-speed line between Oklahoma City and South Texas. The rail line – which, if built as envisioned, would feature trains traveling 90-110 mph – would run roughly parallel to Interstate 35, on corridors currently used by Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer and Texas Eagle. Both Amtrak routes serve Fort Worth daily.

In all, 54 projects were picked nationwide to receive $2.5 billion in high-speed rail funding, U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood’s office announced. In Texas, the money was awarded to state transportation department’s fledgling rail division, which was formed last year as state officials scrambled to get their high-speed rail planning efforts on par with other states.

“It’s one of several projects TxDot put in for. It’s a good start,” said Peter LeCody, president of Texas Rail Advocates. The planning process likely will take about three years, LeCody predicted. After that, money to build the line would need to be secured.

-- Gordon Dickson


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This is just another Federal funded boondoggle. So we have to spend $5.6 million of taxpayer funds to determine that there will be no source of funds available for this project and no expectation that passenger fares will cover operating and/or capital costs.
Borrowing from Randal O'Toole, your looking at "bullet trains to bankruptcy" for Texas (and Oklahoma). We've got good enough highways and commercial flights to get us where we need to go along this projected route, at probably faster rates of speed than what Amtrak can deliver. Time to stop funding Amtrak too!


"More than a third of the money, about $901 million, will go to California, including $715 million to begin building high-speed rail lines in the Central Valley between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Florida will get $800 million for new intercity routes there."


Nice to see our tax dollars benefitting everyone equally (sarcasm intended).


I agree and it's a waste of money too. Why take a train when you can fly? What is the draw of Oklahoma and what is the draw of South Texas?


With high speed rail

Now we can go from Marfa to Brady with super speed


Finally!!!!! How can we be a progessive nation and not have high speed rail?
This will be a benefit to all.
Fuel cost, lives saved and the enviroment is all a winwin.
If you have ever driven down I35 you know how horrible the traffic is.
This is a great thing for the future travel in Texas.

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