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November 17, 2010

Crumbling roads, bridges cost motorists

Crumbling bridges, bumpy roads and other signs of an underfunded transportation system cost each motorist in Dallas-Fort Worth an average of $1,969 a year. The costs include vehicle repairs, damages caused by crashes and time lost in congestion delays, according to a report by TRIP, a Washington organization that aims to increase funding for roads and such.Bridgecracks

The report is titled "Future Mobility in Texas: Meeting the State’s Need for Safe and Efficient Mobility." It argues that the federal Recovery Act provided a downpayment of funds to rebuild the state’s infrastructure, but that a significant increase in local, state and federal funding is needed to boost the economy.

TRIP members include the construction, engineering and insurance industries, but their findings won’t be a surprise to elected leaders of all stripes who have said for several years that Texas is on the verge of running out of money for new road work.

Visit www.tripnet.org to read the report.


Read the report


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Same Ol Sameol

So the people who stand to make money from road repairs, say that road repairs are necessary.


And the polticians who receive contributions from those people, agree as well.

Same Ol Sameol

Ok, I just went to that website and I quickly skimmed the report.


They say they are national but almost every link is about Texas. Odd eh?

Go to how they calculate that cost. They add up people who die on roads and make a guesstimate of what that means to productivity.

Which journalist wrote this blog?
Did you read this report?
How can you be so beholden.

Please please read it, and understand how they came up with these false numbers.


The numbers seem contrived, but that doesn't mean the general idea doesn't ring true.

Corbin Douthitt

? and where have out road and gasoline tax$$ been going? When the Fed dropped the 5c/gal tax years ago, Texas ADDED a state tax of 5c/gal. TxDot keeps talking about toll roads and selling the roads to foreign businesses... what have they done with our TAX $$?


*funded by the people who stand to gain from road repairs. This might as well be a copied and pasted press release, if that isn't exactly what it is.

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