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November 08, 2010

Who wants a Dallas Cowboys license plate?

The timing could have hardly been worse, but on the same day the Dallas Cowboys reportedly fired Wade Phillips as head coach the vendor that markets specialty license plates in Texas announced that a new plate design is now available -- one featuring the team's famous blue star logo. And, the vendor, My Plates Inc., put out a sample of the plate with characters spelling SPRBOL.

Really? The Super Bowl, huh? At this point, fans of the 1-7 Cowboys would settle for a plain old win.

In any case, My Plates now offers 68 specialty designs. Buyers can keep the plates for 10 years. Check it out

-- Gordon.


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I would buy a Dallas Cowboys license plate...only if Texas law allowed me to hang it upside down.

International signal of distress.

Dan Pastorini

Howabout them 'boys!!!!!

ha ha ha ha

I might buy one if it said, "We Suck"! The team and their owner are one big awful joke.


I have my paper bag with a sad face drawn on it. That is enough!

Kim Drummond

Hi, Gordon. As always, thanks for your coverage of the My Plates program. The timing you reference is coincidental and irrelevant unless one is a moment to moment, hour to hour kind of fair weather fan. The new plates are 1,5, and 10 year plates. A fan can dream, can't they? Also, regardless of the season, the Cowboys host Super Bowl XLV, which was the significance of the plate combination to start with. Thanks again! Kim Miller Drummond, My Plates Public Relations, kim@myplates.com

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