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December 01, 2010

OMG! Did you see that license plate?

Have you seen a Texas license plate with a shocking, goofy or borderline offensive or obscene word or phrase on it? I've got a call in to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to find out if phrases such as WTF -- which in the mobile phone-enhanced world of text messaging is an acronym for a curse phrase -- are allowed on Texas plates. Meanwhile, let me know what you've seen on the road.


A colleague mentioned that her relatives once saw a plate with the characters OMG W7F ... with the numeral 7 serving as a stand-in for the letter T.

-- Gordon.

p.s. Here's what a Fort Worth Zoo plate would look like with the text abbreviation for "talk dirty to me."



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Karen Musumeci

What does it matter what people put on their license plates? They are paying for it. One of the biggest problems we have today are all of the stupid restrictions lately only because someone doesn't like it. DON'T LOOK!!!

Jaclyn Stalcup

It is offensive and sometimes you have no choice but to read it. Just like seeing those offensive "hang-downs" on trucks...such things are extremely offensive to me!

John Doe

I suppose you can say the same thing about a couple of gay men fornicating in public. Don't look.

Michelle P.

Exactly, it's okay for bumper stickers to be nasty but not a license plate? Seriously? Get over it.


Good grief people! Why would you anyone wind themselves up over what is on a license plate? Part of the problem is that people never learned to mind their own business or they have developed the delusion that what they think is important to someone other than them. Find something else to do.

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