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December 09, 2010

Super Bowl transportation funds needed

Superbowlxlvlogo ARLINGTON -- The Regional Transportation Council on Thursday will consider chipping in $188,000 to offset the cost of providing transportation during Super Bowl week.

The sale of Super Bowl transit passes is expected to offset about $50,000 of that amount.

These are funds needed to provide everything from buses, wreckers and the Trinity Railway Express to and from the Feb. 6 game, and the numerous events during the week before.

The total estimated cost is really $360,000, but the Super Bowl Host Committee is covering $172,000, according to the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

Agencies involved in providing the transportation include the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, Dallas Area Rapid Transit and the city of Arlington.

The RTC is the Dallas-Fort Worth region's congressionally recognized planning agency. RTC not only helps cities and counties apply for and spend federal grants for transportation, air quality and other programs, but also gets to allocate millions of dollars a year in federal grants independently.

The Trinity Railway Express will operate on Super Bowl Sunday, and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, also known as the T, will be responsible for shuttling people from CentrePort Station to Cowboys Stadium -- a trip of about five miles each way.

"Our employees will be working a time a time when they normally wouldn't be working," T senior vice president Nancy Amos said, adding that much of the funds will pay employees' salaries.

-- Gordon Dickson gdickson@star-telegram.com


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Don't the passengers pay for the ride? Are the transportation providers going to get double pay for their services?


I think it's time for Jerry Jones to pony up and take something out of his pockets instead of everything going in them.


Yes, passengers pay the ride but the T' and TRe doesn't operate in Arlington. Mind you, Arlington council decided so many years not to have public transportation because they thought will cripple GM plant there. But all of us would aggree that it was a stupid move.I think Arlington Council should reconsider their stupid move and get public transportation to non residents. It's sickening that a city like Arlington doesn't have public transportation and yet accepted to host the Cowboys stadium. That's just nonsensical.


The people of Arlington are too stupid not to have a mass transit system & now will have to depend on FTW & Dallas to get riders where they need to go. Cowboy Stadium, The Ball Park, etc. should never have have been built there!

Disgruntled Bear

Let's see...Jerry Jones is a BILLIONAIRE, yet the homes of many, some of which had been in families for over a hundred years were taken and razed for his temple. The taxpayers of Arlington have to "support" his enterprise. Government cutbacks and layoffs etc. while they build new freeway ramps and lanes. Hundreds of thousands of dollars for new "superbowl signage", and the "Dallas Cowboys" are in Arlington & Tarrant County. Hmmmm, H*** NO!!!

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