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January 19, 2011

Turn off GPS before going to Super Bowl

Gps1 Your GPS may do more harm than good getting you to the Super Bowl -- and organizers suggest turning it off.

Most navigational devices won't have the latest information on which roads will be barricaded, reversed or otherwise tweaked for the Feb. 6 event. Parking spots have been pre-sold, and many lots are closed because of extra Super Bowl security. So, organizers say, the best plan is to turn off the gadgetry and follow official driving directions that are distributed at the time tickets are purchased.

An exception is OnStar, which has worked out a deal with the Super Bowl Host Committee to receive specific information on special routes to Super Bowl events.

-- Gordon.


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In Texas you are issued two license plates and you must have both on your vehicle. Sorry you don't think it looks good, but that's the law, and I wish every person who didn't display both plates or display them correctly would be issued citations.

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