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May 13, 2011

Fort Worth to Cleburne toll road officially to be known as Chisholm Trail Parkway, the entire 28 miles

Chisholmtrailart A planned toll road from near downtown Fort Worth to Cleburne will be named Chisholm Trail Parkway for its entire 28-mile length, under a bill signed into law Thursday by Gov. Rick Perry.

The bill by state Rep. Rob Orr, R-Burleson, and widely supported by other North Texas lawmakers clears up years of confusion about the name.

For decades, folks in the Fort Worth area have called the road Southwest Parkway -- or before that, Southwest Freeway (before the whole toll road idea came up). But in 2003, the Johnson County portion of the road was renamed Chisholm Trail Parkway by state law, while the northern portion of the road in Tarrant County remained Southwest Parkway.

The road is partly under construction and is tentatively scheduled to open in 2013. Fort Worth-area political and business leaders have pushed for more than four decades to cut a road through the southwestern quadrant of the community.

The new name is widely favored by Fort Worth leaders, although for years historians have debated the precise location of the historical cattle trail in Texas. The heyday of the Chisholm Trail was 1867 to 1884, when cowboys used the famed trail as a safe, reliable way to get cattle from the Texas plains through Oklahoma and on to rail stops in Kansas.

The North Texas Tollway Authority, the lead agency in the toll road project, could formally change the name in compliance with the new state law as early as June, board chairman Victor Vandergriff of Arlington said.

"I would anticipate that the NTTA will react favorably to the name change," Vandergriff said. "I expect the board to take up the issue in June but we may not be able to officially rename the road until the bill becomes law in September and/or until we finish the financing on the road."

Texas Transportation Commission member Bill Meadows of Fort Worth added: "We are appreciative of the Legislature and governor honoring the history and heritage of our community by the naming of this important parkway the Chisholm Trail Parkway."

-- Gordon Dickson, gdickson@star-telegram.com

Twitter: @gdickson

Photo: Texas Lakes Trail Region


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SD Fin

Just the beginning of turning Fort Worth into another tollway-bogged traffic snarl like Dallas. Time to get out of Texas if this is the future of things to come.

And who gets the money from the tolls anyway? A foreign company? Don't we already pay taxes for roads? Double-dipping!


"clears up years of confusion about the name."
wow...took them years to come up with a name for a "tax" road. Kind of makes it just a little bit more clear as to why our country is in such a mess.

northtexas driver

So who is getting kick-back money from all these Toll Roads in Texas? We need another toll road like we need another hole in our heads. Give us a break man your killing our pocket books. So we have to pay to go to work and pay our way back home everyday. Call the Road whatever name you want just don't charge us Texans for it.


To those opposed to the toll road, why not just take the method you currently take? If some want to pay to get back and forth from Cleburne to Fort Worth quicker, then let them pay for it.

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