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July 26, 2011

Rangers pitcher Derek Holland, fresh off a win last night, will speak against texting and driving today in Arlington


UPDATE: The PSA has been released and is embedded below.

Texas Rangers Lefty Derek Holland benefited from a historic level of run support in last night's 20-6 win over the Minnesota Twins, and today he's throwing his support behind a campaign that aims to prevent texting while driving.

Holland is scheduled to speak Tuesday afternoon at a press event at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. A public service announcement will be unveiled as part of a campaign dubbed "Keep your thumbs on the wheel." He will be joined by police and fire officials, and other dignitaries. The campaign also will include the placement of posters in Arlington schools.

The event is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. in the ballpark interview room.



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Greg McCarter

Hoorah to the Rangers. They are doing more against texting while driving than Rick Perry is.

Ford Dealers Dallas

It's very commendable for Derek Holland to speak up about texting and driving; it's really a big problem, especially with teens. I've seen many close calls on the road of people texting/talking on the phone and almost hitting the car in front of them.

Adventure Racing

Doing this kind of unethical action may not only cause your safety but also to anybody else who will be involve in the tragedy. Hope this would remain in everybody's mind.

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