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September 27, 2011

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington has the fifth worst congestion in the U.S., behind LA, NY, Chi and DC.

North Texas has the fifth worst traffic congestion in the United States, in terms of fuel wasted and time lost by commuters. That ranking is unchanged from last year, according to the 2011 Urban Mobility Report that is scheduled to be released Tuesday by the Texas Transportation Institute.

The institute at Texas A&M University periodically ranks congestion in 439 U.S. urban areas. The nation's worsening traffic problems have been offset somewhat by the poor economy. But not enough is being done to upgrade roads and bridges, to properly handle traffic when the economy improves, researchers at the institute concluded. Gridlock

"If you invest in roads and transit, you get better service and access to more jobs," said Tim Lomax, one of the study authors.

Also, gridlock is no longer a problem reserved for the typical "rush hour" periods -- which is a misnomer anyway in Dallas-Fort Worth, where peak congestion now lasts five hours a day. But today, a full 40 percent of traffic congestion now occurs outside the traditional rush hour times, during the midday and nighttime hours.

Metro areas that wasted the most fuel in traffic, 2010:

City, million gallons

1. Los Angeles, 278

2. New York, 190

3. Chicago, 184

4. Washington, 95

5. Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, 81


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What the heck is going on on 183 in the mornings? It is TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Is it because all 114 travelers are detouring & taking 183? Or because they have MacArthur service road shut down?? It's just ridiculous. I'd have to leave my house at 7:00 in the morning just to get to work by 8:30. It's gotten worse. It never used to be this bad. And..there's a wreck just about every day!


This is not surprising at all.
The folks in charge of the highways in the Dfw area haven't a clue.
Other cities start construction before it is needed. In this area they wait till its too late and then when they finally do start the projects the nightmare gets even worse.
I-35 going through Ft worth is a joke. It narrows to two lanes at one point and the traffic coming in and out is horrendous.
Talk about being behind.
183 going through the mid cities is no better. Narrow lanes and drivers slow down for every curve or slight rise in the highway to make this drive a bad joke.
Things will not get better for a very long time. The construction projects we hear about are to take 10 years or more?

kenneth Klish

idiot drivers! the main cause. all the damn yankees moveing down here another problem. they had no idea half of the country woyld move to texas.


Texas officials should meet with California officials to learn how to efficiently build roads and bridges. IT takes FOREVER to get highways built in TEXAS!!!


More mass or pod transit. Build a new freeway and they will come. Build a real city and condense and contract.

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