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January 31, 2012

Big changes for Northeast Loop 820 in north Fort Worth, Haltom City; eastbound lanes moving to new median pavement

Beginning tonight, Northeast Loop 820 will be sporting a very different look for drivers in north Fort Worth and Haltom City - and it's a configuration likely to last six months or so.

The eastbound lanes will be moved to new pavement in the once-grassy median near Haltom Road and Denton Highway (also known as U.S. 377) so workers can rebuild that side of the freeway. The change was expected to begin after 9 p.m. Tuesday night. It's just a shifting of lanes, and no major lane closings are expected, but commuters nonetheless will have to get used to the latest configuration of the snarled roadway.

Also, traffic that normally enters eastbound Loop 820 at Beach Street will have to make a detour.

“Drivers wanting to enter eastbound 820 from Beach Street will be directed along the frontage road though the intersections at Haltom Road and Denton Highway/US 377. They will then be able to merge onto eastbound IH 820 east of Denton Highway,” Lara Kohl, spokeswoman for Bluebonnet Contractors, said in a statement. Bluebonnet is responsible for construction oversight on the work, which is part of the $2.5 billion North Tarrant Express project.


EB 820 traffic shift_btwn Beach St and Denton Hwy


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A simple addition of a lane or two in each direction is all that was needed. Also, this little stretch will only sever congestion down stream like inthe 820/121 to 183/121 area.

But no, instead we have allowed this to be the most expensive freeway (price per mile of around $170 million/mile) in the state of Texas.

In the end, I don't this will make much difference in our congested freeways.


uh, there is no eastbound frontage road from beach to denton hwy...


@ april, did you look at the photo? they will be using the old main lanes as frontage roads, likely while they build new frontage roads.

@ anonymous for "A simple addition of a lane or two in each direction" to happen, bridges must be reconstructed, right of way must be widened, entrance and exit ramps must be redone. also, the rest of 820 all the way to the interchange with 183/121 is being widened as well at the same time as is 183/121 to the split in bedford. read a little before you make completely uninformed comments.

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