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February 13, 2012

After four railroad crossing crashes in one spot, Trinity Railway Express closing Galvez Avenue in Fort Worth

An east Fort Worth railroad crossing that’s widely considered one of the most dangerous points on the Trinity Railway Express line is closing today.

A train-versus-automobile crash at the Galvez Avenue site Jan. 28 was apparently the last straw. No one was hurt in that crash, but it was the fourth such collision at the intersection in 10 years.

“We’re closing it on a temporary, emergency basis,” Fort Worth Transportation Authority spokeswoman Joan Hunter said. She added that TRE officials would then begin a process with Fort Worth city officials to close the Galvez Avenue intersection permanently in the coming weeks.

Of the four collisions at the crossing near Riverside Drive, one was a fatality, Hunter said. In the Jan. 28 incident, a braking train struck a car stopped on the track.

The closure “is a safety precaution due to multiple collisions at that location caused by motorists driving through or around lowered crossing gates and not heeding flashing lights that warn them to stop for approaching trains,” a TRE press release states. “TRE will install barricades and concrete barriers to prevent motorists from crossing the tracks. Motorists who have used the Galvez Avenue crossing will still have access to the neighborhood from 4th Street.”

The installation of barricades began Monday and likely will be completed Tuesday, Hunter said.

The TRE has experienced eight other collisions during the past 10 years – one each at eight different intersections.



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Chris Trott

While I applaud TRE for taking this measure, I give a standing ovation the City of Fort Worth for agreeing to it. Most cities won't even consider even working with the railroad and state on improving a crossing's warning devices much less be okay with closing one. People need to understand that railroad warning devices need to be heeded and cities need to understand that while the railroad is a private entity, it can only improve its warning devices or close a dangerous crossing with approval of the State of Texas and the local municipality.

Michael H.

How impatient and/or stupid do you have to be? The TRE is rarely more than 6 cars long; you'll usually be stopped for less time than you would be at a traffic light. I'm glad they closed this crossing. It's just ridiculous that it had to come to this.

Delores Mendoza

I don't understand - close Galvez street? What about my mechanics place of business ON Galvez Street - Supreme Automotive? Its on the corner of Galvez and Riverside drive!

Tom Smith

No brainer with the angle of the street and the tracks.


Dolores, the title of the article is should probably read: "...closing Galvez Avenue CROSSING in Fort Worth".
The street's not going away.
If they reconnect Galvez to Riverside north of the tracks, access will actually be improved for motorists while the confusing/dangerous side-crossing is eliminated at the same time.

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