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April 23, 2012

Petition going around to rename Arlington's Division Street in memory of Martin Luther King Jr.

Supporters say renaming Division Street in memory of MLK will bring together the city's many cultures. But opponents say Division Street already has a history of its own. The road has at times been known as Highway 80, the Pike and Bankhead Highway.

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This is rediculous and unnecessary the cost to change all our addresses and signs just doesn't make any since. I live on Division and am totally against it. These people need to get out of their offices and stop coming up with stupid things to keep them busy. There is no division on Division other than dividing north and south directions.


Take a look around we are also one of the only metropolitan citys with a major university with out a public transportation system too. Why aren't you conserned about the students tring to get around but you sure are concerned about what the name of the street is that they have to walk on. Really

We’re the only metropolitan city that doesn’t have a Dr. King street. We’re the only metropolitan City that doesn’t want a Dr. King street,” Littlejohn said.

Another person that needs to justify their job.


Does Mr Littlejohn live on Division will he have to ensue these cost to make changes... probably not!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its not a race issue its a logical one their are lots of new streets name one of those MLK from the start that makes more sense.

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