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May 30, 2012

'America's Highways from Hell' - Loop 820 ranks No. 5 on the list (Enjoy your summer, commuters)

HighwayhellFort Worth-area commuters who spend time on Northeast Tarrant County roads are going through hell right now, figuratively speaking. The latest proof comes from The Daily Beast, which included a three-mile stretch of Northeast Loop 820 between Grapevine Highway and Denton Highway on its list of "America's Highways From Hell."


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Live there done that. And another little stretch of it to the west has a couple of underpasses which have seen their share of fires too. Fortunately they're FINALLY widening after it was supposed to happen two decades ago, then again one decade ago. We're the red-headed stepchilds of Tarrant County even though there's plenty of good growth and tax revenue here (also N I-35W just south of the Loop).
I get no respect, Rodney.


I guess I can relax and take it easy when I visit Seattle next week. It's only #7.

Mary Gruszka

They need to take the money they make off of speed trapping the west Loop of 820 to widen this part. I avoid all businesses in that area because it's not worth the hassle. I would rather go to Arlington than venture that way & I live near that area.


My wife and I were shopping houses a year ago. We found several inexpensive, gorgeous homes in FW, Keller, Fossil Creek, etc. We finally settled on one just east of Davis near Smithfield. Why?
Because there was no WAY in H### that we were going to submit ourselves to driving 820 to work and back. No way!


god I hate N820 its a everyday hassle avoid it at all cost!

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