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June 11, 2012

Video to be posted of Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Transportation Council meetings


Video-imageHundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year on transportation projects in Dallas-Fort Worth, and for many reasons it's difficult for the typical working stiff to keep track of the decision-making. For one thing, the Regional Transportation Council holds its meetings during business hours, which means much of the public can't attend. Anyway, things are about to get a little easier, thanks to a technology that many cities and counties discovered long ago. The RTC, which is an arm of the North Central Texas Council of Governments, will begin video taping its monthly proceedings in Arlington. To watch video of the meetings, go here. It won't be a live streaming video feed, but officials say the video should be posted within 24 hours. The recordings will begin with the RTC meeting this Thursday, although presumably it will be late Thursday or perhaps Friday before the video is posted.


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