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July 11, 2012

Are you on the list? NTTA publishes list of top toll violators


The North Texas Tollway Authority this morning went live with its online list of top violators. Go here to check whether you're on the list. The Plano-based agency is hoping to capture some of the roughly $12.5 million in past-due tolls.

Amber Young of Dallas holds the top spot on the list. She reportedly owes NTTA $179,596.43 for 8,366 toll violations. Tolltag

At a first glance, it appears there are no Fort Worth or Arlington-area vehicle owners on the list of top 100 violators. The overwhelming majority of violators live in Denton and Collin counties, as well as far north Dallas County.

There is a pocket of more than 100 violators in Arlington's 76010 ZIP code, however. Those residents are very close to the new President George Bush Turnpike western extension (formerly Texas 161 in Irving and Grand Prairie).

Fort Worth-area residents will become much more familiar with tolls and toll violations in the next few years, as projects such as the Chisholm Trail Parkway project open up in Tarrant and Johnson counties.

Also, the North Tarrant Express and DFW Connector projects in Northeast Tarrant County include the addition of new managed toll lanes as well as rebuilt free lanes, so motorists who use those improved roads will be making a daily choice whether to pay tolls.



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I pay a lot of taxes to Texas to keep roads up, I will not travel on a toll road nor pay any kind of toll. nor will I ever agree to turn an existing road into a toll road.


What taxes do you pay, Weldon? Texas has no income tax, and all we have is sales tax and property tax.


Weldon also pays state excise tax (ie. the state fuel tax). Income taxes would be irrelevant even if it existed, since most states don't pay for transportation with income taxes.

If it weren't so difficult to get Texans to agree to a gas tax increase, you wouldn't see these private/public toll roads all over the state.


I'm originally from Texas but now reside in Missouri. You have no idea how lucky you are with your taxes! I would gladly pay for tolls if it meNt I didn't have to pay for propert taxes here. And "property tax" in MO means you pay tax every single year on your car (even when it is paid off) you pay taxes on your trailer, boat ( even the smallest John boat) you pay taxes on your scooter, your tiny camper, every year you do this along with tags on all of this. You pay income tax, sales tax, city tax, home and land tax, and if you own a small business you will pay taxes on the income you make to the state, the city where your business is located and in some cases you will pay a percentage of your sales to the city in which you live even though your business is not located in the town where you reside. These are only a few of the taxes. I could go on and on. And not to mention needing a permit for every single thing we do. We must have a permit in some areas to get permission to put a dog house in our own backyard! And yet we have some of the worst roads and schools in the country.

Enjoy your state and don't let the taxes rule you.


Weldon, tolls are the best way to have the people actually using that particular road pay for it. Would you rather have your property taxes raised so you end up paying for a road you've never even heard of... much less drive on?

Luke, gas taxes screw over truck drivers and other non-fuel-efficient vehicles. I'm sure many people think that's desireable... but the idea is to pay for the wear and tear on roads. Non-fuel-efficient vehicles don't necessarily damage roads any more than cars, so why should they have to pay proportionally more? Not to mention gas for lawn equipment and boats... which don't even use the roads.

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