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January 18, 2013

New bridge connects Forest Park Blvd. to I-30 in Fort Worth - Chisholm Trail Pkwy


A new bridge connecting Forest Park Boulevard and Summit Avenue near downtown Fort Worth is scheduled to open Saturday, weather permitting. The bridge spans the Fort Worth & Western Railroad tracks, just south and west of the intersection of Interstate 30 and Forest Park Boulevard.

The bridge was built as part of the Chisholm Trail Parkway project, the North Texas Tollway Authority's ongoing construction of a 28-mile toll road from downtown Fort Worth to Cleburne. (The map at left is a bit fuzzy, but may give you an idea of the location of the new bridge.)

This is a bit of a confusing area of the Chisholm Trail Project because it's where the road switches from the north to south side of I-30. The bridge will serve as a feeder and frontage road for eastbound traffic trying to get onto I-30.

The old eastbound I-30 ramp from Forest Park Boulevard is closed. This new bridge will serve as the new eastbound ramp. Traffic coming from Forest Park Boulevard won't immediately be allowed onto eastbound I-30. Instead, traffic will taxi to just beyond Summit Avenue and get on the freeway there.



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This new bridge is a mess. Yesterday it took 25 minutes to get from Forest Park to Summit. Two lanes down to one, and had a stop sign to let every getting off 30 go ahead. To whomever thought this would be a good idea, FAIL!

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