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January 07, 2013

Traffic out of Cowboys Stadium was incredibly smooth

After driving to work Monday morning through the parking lot that is Interstate 35W, I'm even more impressed with the ease in which we were able to exit Cowboys Stadium after the Cotton Bowl Friday night.

We stayed for the entire game, which ended about 11 p.m., and after a 10-minute walk to our car in Silver Lot 14, driver Alex Branch quickly exited onto Division Street, took a left (couldn't go right), made our way to Abram, headed west toward Fielder, took Fielder to Interstate 30 and then made our way to Fort Worth.

Alex dropped me off in downtown Fort Worth, where I got in my car and headed north toward Keller.

I was home shortly after midnight, in time to catch Johnny Manziel's highlights show ESPN.

Hats off to Arlington police and others who have figured out the traffic plan.

- Lee Williams



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You're welcome, we try and keep the traffic flowing to ensure all of our patrons are safe and can leave the area in an orderly nature. Glad we could help you out.

James Cook
A Cowboys Stadium Parking Employee

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