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May 21, 2013

Guten Morgen Aus Berlin #fundingtransport

Good morning, USA!

I am in Berlin at the moment, and later this afternoon I will be traveling to the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Germany (about 80 miles away). I applied for and was awarded a media travel grant to cover the event, which is part of the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development.

Despite what the headline of this blog post might imply, my German language skills are extremely limited, so it has been an interesting and quite fun journey the past couple of days getting around the host country for this event.

Anyway, for the rest of this week I hope to keep you updated on how the forum goes. The theme of the event is funding transport. It's a topic we grapple with constantly in the United States, where our will to pay taxes apparently doesn't match up to our desire to move about freely. Dozens of other countries are in the same boat, and I expect to hear a lot about it over the next 72 hours. I arrived a couple of days early, so that I would have time to explore Germany via its transit system, and I've been on everything from its high-speed rail lines to its U-Bahn and S-Bahn and tram services in inner-city Berlin. I hope to have a lot to say about those services over the next couple of days, too.

The photo above is of a train arriving at Berlin's Alexanderplatz station, taken from the fifth floor window of my room at a Motel One.

Anyway, if you have experience with transportation in Europe, especially Germany, or have any questions that I might be able to ask at this forum, please sent me a note to gdickson@star-telegram.com ...

Guten Morgen Aus Berlin #fundingtransport


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