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May 30, 2013

Should trucks be kept out of the left lane?


Trucks are already prohibited from using the left lane on I-30, I-20 and I-45 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. State officials want to dramatically expand the number of highways with a left-lane truck ban beginning in the fall.

What do you think of this restriction?

I'm writing a story about this topic, and would like to include your input. To have your say, please post a comment to this blog item, or send an email to gdickson@star-telegram.com


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robert duncan

no and here is why: for one most major companies that haul freight cut their trucks down to 62 mph or 65. in that case yes but these trucks tend to hold up 3 lanes of traffic thinking its "funny" to hold up 3 lanes of traffic. where other companies permit their trucks to at least run speed limit which threw most no truck zones its 65 and faster so these trucks should be permitted to use the left lane in which to at least to get past the "rolling road block" i know this because i drive a truck and have been down these corridors in many different trucks ranging from trucks that only ran 62 and trucks that could run 75. and no if my truck went 62 i stayed to the right in the lanes out of respect to the faster trucks


if this rule is for the safety of other autos, yes iam for it. lll


NO TRUCKS IN LEFT LANE PERIOD. They keep holding fast traffic, and that's one of the reasons of traffic jams.


3 Lanes or more, Keep Out.


Yes, the left lane is for passing and trucks frequently cause congestion by using this lane without passing.

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