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June 25, 2013

How much do you spend on tolls?


How much do you spend on tolls each month? Is it a few bucks here and there, or is it more like another utility bill? I'm working on a story about TollTag use in Tarrant County, which today is a relatively small piece of the pie when it comes to raking in toll revenue in the North Texas region. But I'd also like to hear from some car owners in Collin, Dallas and Denton counties. How often do you use the toll roads in Dallas-Fort Worth, what sort of places do you go and how much does it cost you?

If you've got just a minute or two, post a quick comment to this blog item, or send an email to gdickson@star-telegram.com ... and Thanks!


- Gordon.


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mike karels

i spend 95.48 a month using the western extension of the Bush. this is before the increase that went in to effect today. Its still cheaper than parking in downtown dallas or fort worth where I would spend on average of 150 a month or more Now if we could get TXDOT and NTTA on the same page and widen the original section of 161 from 183 to Belt Line that would really make the money worth while. Most times it takes 15 minutes to get from 183 to beltline which is nuts. BTW its time to blast the old toll plaza out of the way. Sign me waiting with baited breath for the CTP to open and take another 30 minutes a day off my commute. Come on April 2014!!!!!!

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