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November 14, 2013

Traffic bloated after Forest Park 'road diet' plan in Fort Worth

Motorists who use Forest Park Boulevard just west of downtown Fort Worth are reporting that the new striping of the road - dubbed the "Forest Park road diet" by city officials - isn't working so well.

Hey motorists who use this road: What are you seeing out there?

For those who don't travel the area, the city took a four-lane road and reduced it to two lanes with a left-turn lane in the middle. The concept was to make it a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly pathway, and also to reduce traffic congestion caused by left-turn vehicles in the old configuration. The thinking was that, if the left-turn traffic can be moved to a middle turn-only lane, then pass-through traffic will move more smoothly, even if pass-through traffic is only using one lane.

But apparently things aren't going according to Hoyle ...


Here's a photo of traffic in the old configuration. As the road diet nears the end of its first week, we're heading out there with a photographer to take a look at things under the new configuration.



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robert haslam

traveling on Forest Between 8 am and 8:30 is a mess. No bicycles were seen. Three cars were seen cutting off to go through Berkley neighborhood. Two cars met in the left turn lane and almost collided. Long lines and slow traffic. Not sure how drivers pull out on the road unless drivers let them in. A mess. Not sure what benefits could come from this.

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